Carers will benefit from counselling sessions funded by a Colchester charity

The Counselling for Carers scheme is run by psychotherapists at The Stockwell Centre. They were concerned about the lack of individual counselling available to carers and approached The Colchester Catalyst Charity for funding that would enable them to offer a reduced fee scheme.

Therapists at The Stockwell Centre, have experience of working with clients who are caring for a family member who is mentally or physically ill, and have seen firsthand the overwhelming emotional impact this can have on some carers.

Practice chair Jenny Barrett said: “Anyone with a sick relative will suffer some stress, and for many talking to family and friends or joining a support group is sufficient help. For some, however, the burden of caring becomes overwhelming, perhaps because it resonates with pre-existing psychological difficulties or stirs up mixed emotions.

“Carers can feel guilty and ashamed of these feelings, or confused or depressed about their changed circumstances. It can be hard to be angry with someone you love who has become ill, even though their behaviour may be difficult or their demands too great.

“Psychodynamic counselling can help as carers gain insight into, and reflect on, their predicament and then find a new way forward,” she added.

The yearlong project aims to establish the level of need, and assess the effectiveness of individual psychodynamic counselling for carers, with a view to securing ongoing funding if the scheme proves successful.

Eligible clients will be offered 9 sessions of counselling with a qualified therapist at The Stockwell Centre. Clients would normally attend weekly for 50 minutes and will be asked to contribute a minimum of £5 per session. Further information from The Stockwell Centre on 01206 768211.


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