Colchester Catalyst Charity receives more applications and helps more individual

Colchester Catalyst Charity has reported that it has received more applications and provided grants for more individuals than ever before.

This year’s AGM was held at Catalyst house and attended by organisations and members from across the Colchester and Tendring region.

The Annual Report for the year ended September 2008 was presented, showing the largest number of applications ever received from individuals. There were 284 applications, a 19% increase on the previous year, with 240 of them approved.

Most of the budget for individual needs, almost 80%, helped to provide essential equipment to help with mobility and medical problems.

Many of the other applications were from organisations, some of them charities in their own right. There were 49 general applications, an 11% increase on last year, with 27 being successful and providing support for a wide range of projects from buildings to equipment.

Direct charitable expenditure was up by 7% on the previous year to almost £510,000 even though the investment climate during the past year was not helpful, with a reduction in the value of the Company’s investments.

Speakers at the AGM included Chris Kirvan, the new Chief Executive of Colchester Catalyst Charity, Ray Wilson from St Helena Hospice at Home and Nick Presmeg from Essex County Council who spoke about Self Directed Support which will provide individual budgets to provide assistance for healthcare needs.

Tony Frost,Chairman of Colchester Catalyst Charity, said:

“Notwithstanding the chill wind of recession which will be blowing for some time, the Charity is able and keen to play its part in encouraging and enabling the process of enhancing the provision of healthcare in North East Essex”


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