Colchester Catalyst Charity wants to hear your ideas

Colchester Catalyst Charity has appointed a new Development Officer to seek out charities in North Essex with bright new ideas.

The Catalyst Charity is stepping up its efforts to provide financial assistance to original and unique health projects in the area.

Rodney Appleyard has 14 years of experience as a professional journalist, including stints at the BBC and Channel 4, where he worked as the Deputy Editor of the FilmFour website.

On top of that, he has worked for a number of charities, including The Big Issue, Amnesty International and Christian Aid. Additionally, he has spent many years as the Editor of different magazines and websites.

Rodney also currently works at Mosaic Publicity as the PR company’s Digital Account Manager, which involves maintaining client websites and initiating website projects from concept to completion.

The Catalyst Charity will draw upon his years of research experience to dig beneath the surface of local charity initiatives and unearth crucial information about their big ideas that require extra funding.

Rodney is very excited about getting to know the local charities in North Essex. “This is a fantastic opportunity to find out about all of the charities that do such great work in North Essex. I can’t wait to get out there and meet people face-to-face to find out about what makes them tick and what their future projects are.

“If you work for a local charity that is planning something that has never been done before, please feel free to get in touch with me and explain to the Colchester Catalyst Charity how we could help you.”

The charity plans to act as a catalyst to attract other sources of funding for local charities.

“We are interested in not only helping to kick-start these new ideas but we also want to encourage other funding bodies to contribute financial assistance towards these projects. We hope that our money will unlock other money,” adds Rodney.

“Our goal is to bring a number of different charities and funding bodies together so they can combine their resources to provide strong new services.”

Rodney Appleyard can be contacted on: 01206 752545, or email:


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