Recent Catalyst Grants from September Board Meeting

Stepping Stones

A grant of £13,500 was made to the Stepping Stones Play and Learn Group. This was the second portion of a grant to provide early intervention for disabled children aged 2 and under. The scheme also offers support for their parents/carers.

Acorn Village

Acorn Village is a registered charity for adults with learning disabilities. Their philosophy is ‘Life is for Living’ and that adults with a learning disability are people first with their disability coming second.

Acorn Village is in the process of undertaking a large building project to upgrade the services and facilities that they are able to offer residents.

We recently made them a grant of £20,000 towards the funding of new high-tech hoists that will carry residents smoothly from their bedroom to their bathroom.


Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a degenerative neurological condition that affects over 100,000 people in the UK. MS-UK provides support to all people affected by MS, including their carers and professionals.

A grant of £12,284 was made to MS-UK in respect of the expansion of services at Joseph’s Court. Our grant will enable MS-UK to keep up with rising demand and extend the hours that the Centre is open to meet this need.

Community Voluntary Services Tendring

A £5,000 grant was made to CVST towards the cost of a feasibility study into the most urgent health needs of people living in Tendring.


Royal Mencap Society is the leading UK Charity for people with a learning disability and their families. Their main aims are to change society’s attitude and culture and to empower individuals to lead fulfilled lives.

A grant of £1,500 was made to this group to fund the cost of equipment at a property in Great Tey in Colchester. The service is home to five people with a learning disability who also struggle with mobility.  The funding will help to improve the outdoor area and to provide therapeutic gardening equipment.

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